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Why Mobile Learning and Performance Support?

  • Mobile devices are everywhere and almost all users have smartphone and/or tablets and we need to be where our customers are

What can be delivered through a mobile native app?

  • Access documents, videos, micro learning, eLearning courses, quiz/assessments, surveys, certificates, discussion forums, job aids
  • Manage classroom event registrations and workflows
  • Create your own learning community – It’s like with your own private LinkedIn app
  • In-app purchases

How to create mobile app without any programming effort?

How to publish content for your mobile app?

  • Create mobile-responsive content once and make it available on many different devices
  • Create interactivity, engagement and assessments within your content
  • Create micro learning or learning tracks sequences

How to track learning?

  • Track your learning activities and use the generate data-driven insights to personalize learning

Publishing your app

  • Publish the app to Google or Apple app stores

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Harvey Singh, CEO & Founder of Instancy

Harvey Singh is the CEO and founder of Instancy, a web and mobile learning and knowledge platform and solutions company. He is a pioneer in the fields of eLearning, Mobile Learning, Social Learning, Performance Support, Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence in Learning. Harvey has worked with thousands of learning organizations around the globe and designed learning systems and tools to serve the vision of creating, managing and delivering the right learning to the right person at the right time.

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